Kieslect Lady Watch L11 smartwatch review

Kieslect Lady Watch L11 smartwatch review

Accessories and features
The fact that this is a lady’s watch is evident from the packaging, the font, the colour of the watch. On the back, there is some useful information for the user, such as battery capacity, dimensions and so on. There are also QR codes to download the app and both Android and iOS devices are supported. The app is listed as GloryFit.

So, what does the manufacturer offer us, let’s have a little look at the specifications.

Case made of anodized aluminum
IP68 protection
Capacitive 2.8cm display
240*240 resolution display
Bluetooth 5.0LE
Heart rate, blood oxygen level measurement (VC32S sensor)
Battery capacity 180mAh
28 days standby time
Support notification, 9 sport modes
Custom watch faces
Overall the specs aren’t super outstanding, but don’t fall short of other devices in this price range either. Overall, I compared this device to the miband 4 and several smartwatches from Bakeey and Kumi that I have in stock.

Inside the box, the watch itself is housed in a padded tray, with all the nondescript kit placed underneath. The smartwatch, a charging cable and a short English-language manual that covers the basics of operating the device.

Appearance of the device
The case of the watch is made of pink anodised aluminium. 2.5D glass covers the very bright display. The craftsmanship is top-notch and the device itself looks simple and concise.

The strap is made of soft silicone, also in pink. Luckily the strap is interchangeable, which will allow you to change it if necessary. The buckle is metal with the brand logo on it.

Connection and use
As I mentioned above, the device uses the GloryFit app to communicate with your smartphone. A consistently working app, in my opinion, is 50 percent of the device’s success, as on some inexpensive smartwatches and fitness bracelets it’s the app that doesn’t work or that works crookedly that ruins the experience of even a good device. I would give this app a B-minus. It performs its functions, there are working notifications and many other things that the user needs, but sometimes there are disconnects, arbitrary ones. In other words, the app simply loses the watch and then finds it a few seconds later, but if there is a call at that moment, of course there is no notification on the watch. All in all, there is a lot to work on.

First we install the app from Google Play, in my case, then we are asked to register in it, but this is an optional step. Then we fill in a small questionnaire: weight, height, age – this is necessary for the correct calculation of steps and calories burned. The application language is automatically selected based on the system language, but it can be changed if necessary. So some screenshots of the app.

What is the advantage of this smartwatch over, say, my miband, is the ease of use. It is much easier to navigate to the desired menu item with a single swipe, rather than pressing one button several times. Here navigation from the home screen goes in all four directions.

A swipe up takes us to the Messages menu, and a swipe down to the menu from which you can quickly access settings, activate night mode, change the brightness of the display.

The next screen is the heart rate measurement and the next screen is dedicated to measuring the blood oxygen saturation level (SpO 2). I compared the measurement in the first case with the miband 4 and the oxygen saturation level with a portable pulse oximeter I bought offline for my parents. In both cases, the values converged by + or – a few units. But I found a software bug that the developers should be ashamed of. A properly adjusted device should measure pulse only on a person’s hand, but here sometimes it tries to measure even on the table, though it draws some wild figures. But as soon as I put the watch on my hand, the readings become correct. Also a small bug, I hope there will be firmware to fix it.

Conclusions and impressions

So some personal impressions from me and my wife, as she is the main user. One of the important factors of the smartwatch is the battery life, here it is at 7 days, with the heartbeat sensor constantly on. This is not a record duration, but normal among devices in this price range. I would like to point out the cute appearance, the good and bright screen, and the user-friendly controls. The app supports a variety of notifications from most popular apps, plus you can choose your own, which is installed on the phone. Unlike some watches, there are not only notifications, but also the text itself, in Russian. And a powerful enough vibration will help you not to miss a message.

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