What to keep in mind if you’re going to switch from an Android smartphone to an iPhone

When switching from one operating system to another, you need to think carefully. This is due to the fact that there are certain features you will have to get used to. In this article, the author outlined the specifics of the iPhone and iOS.

There are people who love novelty and variety. This makes them, for example, change their Android mobile devices to iPhones. If you are one of these people, then below are the main points to know when choosing an Apple smartphone.

1. Apps. There are far fewer apps on the App Store in general than there are on Google Play. Therefore, some applications are developed specifically for the iPhone (examples – Instagram, Kate++). However, it must be said that the interface in them looks better on Apple smartphones. A striking example is the quality of postings in Instagram storizas: on Android devices it leaves much to be desired, unlike on the iPhone.

2. “Hunting” for iPhones. Unfortunately, scammers are trying with all their might to get hold of these devices and personal data. One method is to block the phone by entering the ID number. In this case, they can, for example, ask the seller of a used iPhone to check its authenticity with the ID-number. Once entered, everything is locked and the device is already shown as stolen/lost.

Also, if you register your Apple ID, you automatically create an account through which you can sync all your Apple devices. There is also an iCloud database. However, only 5 GB is given for free, and you have to pay for the expansion, and a lot of it. Of the disadvantages of synchronization – when deleting from one of the devices, the content is also deleted from the rest, as a result, it cannot be restored. In addition, if fraudsters gain access to your account, they will be able to block all synced devices.

3. Autonomy. In terms of battery life, only the iPhone models from version 11 are better than Android. In addition, Android has fast charging.

4. Charger. It is not included, so if you have not had an iPhone before, you will have to buy an additional charger. In addition, the Lightning connector is used on Apple devices, which distinguishes these devices from the others.

5. The main difference between Android and iPhone. It lies in the flexibility of settings on Android. In other words, you can change almost all the settings on these smartphones. On an iPhone, this is not possible. Also, there is nothing free in the system: you either have to buy a subscription or be happy with the restrictions.

6. Differences in “hardware”. The devices on Android are considered more technologically advanced. They give the opportunity to use a variety of camera applications, the standard camera application is also often not even on the most expensive versions have good functionality (the iPhone, for example, only on the Pro-version can adjust the shutter speed), to get 120 Hz on devices of average price category (the iPhone similar only in the Pro and more expensive versions).

7. The ability to use two SIM cards. The iPhones sold in the Russian Federation do not have this function. Although there is a way out – using eSIM.
Sales of iOS devices. Such smartphones are very easy to sell at a similar cost. However, there is a probability when buying a used model to get a sample that has already been disassembled and repaired, replaced its individual components, etc.

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